Holiday Revision April 2013


Remember we are open during the holiday for students who need extra help and would like revision classes.

In particular, we encourage our senior students to take advantage and spend some extra time with our tutors to ensure they understand the content so far as well as get ahead of the term 2 coursework.

Please call our offices or contact Ranga directly to join the lessons.

Kind regards

Serim teaching team

1 comment on “Holiday Revision April 2013

  1. Micheal is a fantastic tutor. I have a tutoring session with him roundabout twice a month and my grades are becoming so much better. He makes sure that his students understand the things that he teaches and the answers that he gives to his students when question was asked. I am 6th form at school and I strongly recommend to the any students and especially for the 7 formers who wish to get a good grades and go to the uni that they want.

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