K to 6 tuition

Overview of Primary School Teaching Programs

We provide our primary students with a strong understanding of the fundamentals through our interactive lessons, one-on-one attention and structured homework. We create a caring learning environment where students can ask questions and gain the confidence they need to succeed in these early but pivotal stages of their academic journey.

English and Writing Skills

In English lessons, we focus heavily on the need for students to master the art of language. This in a process that involves developing:

    •  A unique creative writing style
      •  Exposition and discussion writing skills
        •  An ability to analyse texts
          •  Vocabulary, grammar and spelling skills
            •  Exposition and discussion writing skills
              •  And above all – a love for reading through our “Read and Succeed” Library.

Our teachers are experienced in teaching these advanced English skills as they understand the intimacies of the English language, they have all achieved band 6 results in the highest level of English (Extension 2).


When it come to maths, we understand that many students find it challenging. Our teachers build the conceptual framework of maths and provide students with an understanding of:

              •  Mathematical concepts
                •  How maths is applied in the real world
                  •  Problem solving skills particularly when it comes to worded maths problems

We have experience in various selective schools and universities. As well as being experienced educators, we aim to be role models and mentors to our students.

Selective School Test Preparation



Written Expression

General Ability


Opportunity Class Test Preparation


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