Recent Projects

Recent projects


  • Thirty years of development assistance to Sri Lanka and Vietnam – Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA/SAREC)
  • Research: Leadership research – with CERN, ATLAS project, Geneva.
  • Seafood Innovation Research: Indigenous Knowledge Capability

Courses conducted:

  •  Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Globalising the Business
  • International Entrepreneurship

Completed projects:

  • Liyanage, S, Wink Ruediger and Markus Nordberg, Managing Path Breaking Innovations: CERN-ATLAS, Airbus and Stem Cell Research, Praeger Publishing Co. Westport, USA. 2007 (Website)
  • Liyanage, S, with Annerstedt, J, Gluckman P, Hunyor S and Jones A and Wilson M, (2006), Serendipitous and Strategic Innovation- A systems approach to managing science based innovation, Praeger Publishing, Wesport, USA 2006. (Website)
  • Liyanage S and Jones A. J (2002) Investing in Knowledge Capital-Management Imperatives, Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore, 269 pp. 2002.

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