Selective School Past Papers

The NSW Public Schools website have published exam papers which can be used by students as sample tests. Click on the links below to open each test, the answers are included at the end of the test paper.

These sample test papers have been provided to help students become more familiar with the tests. Please not that some material has been omitted for copyright reasons.

Selective School Test Past Papers

2001 – Test 1 – Reading Test

2001 – Test 2 – Maths Test

2001 – Test 3 – General Ability Test


2002 – Test 2 – Maths

2002 – Test 3 – General Ability


2003 – Test 2 – Maths

2003 – Test 3 – General Ability


Selective School Test Sample Papers

Reading sample test 1

Reading sample test 2

Reading sample test 3


Maths sample test 1

Maths sample test 2

Maths sample test 3

Maths sample test 4


General Ability sample test  1

General Ability sample test  2

General Ability sample test 3

General Ability sample test  4

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